My name is Jalal Zahr and I try to capture what my eyes see.

I purchased my first point & shoot camera in 2004 and I instantly fell in love with photography. I started shooting with a DSLR in 2006 which allowed me to unlock my creativity and I've been chasing light ever since.

As we all do, I view the world in my own unique way. I am of Lebanese descent and have lived in the New York City Metro my entire life. Spending many summers in the mountains of Lebanon and growing up in New York City has given me a very unique visual experience with the huge contrast of the environments.

Third world and First world.
Slow village life to the concrete jungle.
Vast Mediterranean vistas to towering skyscrapers.
Thousands of years of culture to the cultural melting pot.

I use my camera to capture the world and I hope to share my adventures with as many people as possible. I hope you will follow me and watch as I grow.